EMDR Therapy In Riverside, California.

EMDR therapy is a great treatment for PSTD, anxiety, depression, and other psychological stress. Many studies report clients see positive results in 3 sessions or less. In some studies, more than 70% of subjects no longer demonstrated their symptoms after as few as three sessions of EMDR.


What Is EMDR Therapy?

EMDR stands for eye movement desensitization reprocessing therapy. EMDR Therapy is performed by a licensed EMDR therapist.  The clinician will wave a wand, finger, or light in front of the client’s eyes, from left to right, and ask them questions about their anxiety, depression, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

What Can EMDR Therapy Treat?

EMDR Therapy can treat anxiety, depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anger, grief, early childhood trauma, as well as Psychotic disorders. 

EMDR Therapy For PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

EMDR Therapy is the #1 trauma treatment according to the World Health Organization, as well as being recommended by the Veteran’s Affairs (VA) for PTSD Treatment.  EMDR Therapy is fast, safe, and highly effective treatment for Veteran’s, First Responders, or anyone who has had a traumatic episode in their life. Early childhood trauma is extremely common, as are traumatic episodes in adult life. The best thing a person can do is have it treated.

EMDR Therapy For Other Psychological Stress

Eye movement desensitization reprocessing therapy is also noted to be a great treatment for anxiety, depression, anger, and even psychotic disorders.

With many different ways to use this tool, EMDR Therapy has changed millions of lives. Many PHDs and Doctors have written books on the different ways EMDR Therapy can be used to a variety of psychological disorders and mental illness. 

IS EMDR Therapy Evidence Based?

EMDR Therapy is based on hears of rigorous study and scientific research, from brain scans to interviews to the documentation of the success of the treatment.

Before & After EMDR Therapy


Look at the left image. See the red color scattered throughout the brain? That’s the areas that aren’t functioning improperly, and are over stressed. Think of them as the brain on fire.

Now check out the image on the right hand side. This image was taken after the person went through a series of EMDR sessions. Notice how the affected area has decreased substantially to the point of almost being completely gone?This is how a brain should function. T

Before & After EMDR Therapy

” In a study of depressed people, EMDR therapy was found to be more effective than Prozac for long-term treatment. Clinical studies have even shown that EMDR helps patients heal or change problem behaviors in a fraction of the time required by other forms of therapy.” 

EMDR Therapist In Riverside, California

As a Riverside EMDR Therapist, Heidi Francine & Riverside Therapy Help have helped hundreds of clients heal their PTSD, depression, anxiety, fear, and or anger.