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Relationship Counseling That Saves Marriages in Riverside, California.

Many Relationships go through difficult times, but that does not mean your relationship has to end. Oftentimes, the source of conflict in a marriage or long-term relationship stems from the childhood trauma of one of, or both partners. By resolving your early childhood trauma, we are able to come into the present and be with our partners, and take on productive modes of communication and problem solving.  


How Couples Therapy Works

If you are nervous about coming into couples therapy with your spouse, rest assured that relationship counseling is a personalized process. Your first couple’s therapy session will be a consultation, with the goal being for the therapist to understand your reasons for coming, your goals, and of course for the couple and therapist to get to know one another. 

Is Marriage Counseling Right For Your Relationship?

Many people believe that going to counseling or marriage counseling means they (or their partner) are crazy, or their relationship is broken. These are what we call “cognitive distortions,” or, “an exaggerated thought pattern that is not based on facts.” Much of what we do in Therapy is identifying, healing, and preventing cognitive distortions. 

Couples Counseling Treatments

After the couple’s therapist has done the initial consultation and gotten to know the couple as both individuals and as a couple. Then, their PsychoEducation will begin, and the therapist will begin to treat them. PsychoEducation is educating someone around the aspects of neuroscience, in order to better understand a situation, illness, and or treatment. Receiving psychoeducation does not mean you are mentally ill. Additionally, mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of – as no one would ever be ashamed of getting the flu or the common cold. 

Psychoeducation in a couple’s therapy context means learning about Cognitive Distortions & each individuals past traumas and triggers that lead to anger, distrust, sadness, and other painful feelings and situations. 

Treatments For The Couple's Trauma

As stated before, oftentimes an individual’s past traumas can affect their success in their present or future relationships. Using treatments such as EMDR Therapy, (Eye Movement Desensitization Therapy), Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and more, we are able to treat PTSD & Trauma.

For present day causes of friction in your relationship, we focus on building skills and PsychoEducation to improve the joy & quality of the connection you feel with your partner. 

Common Issues In a Relationship

  • Infidelity
  • Domestic Violence
  • Lack of Emotional or Sexual Intimacy 
  • Unproductive Conflict
  •  Trust Issues
  • Emotional Distance


What Do You Charge?

$160 an hour with a sliding scale in relationship to income and commitment to consistently come to therapy.

Do You Take Insurance?

No, but I do accept Super Bills for PPO Insurance.

Who is Therapy For?

Contrary to popular belief, therapy is not “for crazy people.”  Getting some help or counseling can help anyone through a particularly challenging time in their life, help a person reach a set goal in their career, business, education, income, or relationship, or anything in between. Furthermore, when a person has a serious mental illness, they are not crazy – no one ever asks to get sick. 

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