Counseling in Riverside California

Counseling services to  heal the heart and mend relationships by a marriage and family therapist in riverside, California. Counseling is for individuals, families, and marriages. 


Marriage Counseling Can Save Your Marriage

Relationship counseling can save your marriage by allowing you and your partner to discuss your relationship obstacles on safe, neutral ground. Additionally, by treating each individual’s childhood trauma, we are able to prevent fighting that would be caused by accidentally angering or upsetting our partner with things that “activate,” their trauma. 

Counseling Services To Attend As Family

Is your family at odds? Do you feel a tad dysfunctional? Our Counseling services in Riverside, California will turn any familial stress into love, joy, and understanding. Whether you have a 13-year old that is having trouble in school or children that intensely fight or get along with friends and family, we will understand, educate, and heal. Family therapy & counseling can work in a variety of ways, either by seeing each individual one at a time, or together as a family, or both at different times. 

How Does Counseling Work?

According to The American Psychological Association,  “Psychotherapy helps people understand that they can do something to improve their situation. That leads to changes that enhance healthy behavior, whether it’s improving relationships, expressing emotions better, doing better at work or school, or thinking more positively.” In the beginning, your first consultation will just be you or your family getting to know your counselor or psychotherapist. The client and clinician will get to know one another, and the clinician can learn why the client has come to therapy. 

Will Counseling Help? How Much Will It Help?

Counseling can be very effective, especially if you see a specialist such as Heidi Francine at Riverside Therapy Help, your healing and recovery process will be faster, easier, and smoother. A highly trained Psychotherapist who has received additional training in therapies such as EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization Therapy), Hypnosis, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. 

What Can Psychological Counseling Help Me With?

Counseling can help you with anxiety, depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, help with anger management, and improve your romantic partnership.